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Benefits of Mindfulness Blog

Benefits of Mindfulness, exotic jungle, animals, nature

INTRODUCING Benefits of Mindfulness

What if you could be granted the ability to tune out thought? Completely. All forms of mind-based stories; planning the future, reliving the past. Mulling over decisions, weighing up your options. Let me tell you a little secret about the benefits of mindfulness…

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mindfulness workshops

The Benefits of Mindfulness Workshops: A Comprehensive Guide

Mindfulness workshops are designed to teach participants how to live in the present moment and develop a deeper understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Exploring the power of mindfulness workshops, we look at how offering a sanctuary for those seeking solace and self-improvement and providing the tools to take this into everyday life can make a difference to their wellbeing.

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mindfulness poems

Mindfulness Poems: Beauty and Stillness

Discover Mindfulness Poems: a mix of classic and new verses focused on living in the moment. This evolving collection offers insights and peace through the simplicity of poetry.

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grounding vs mindfulness, woman placing hand on chest

Grounding vs Mindfulness: Revealing the Key Differences to these 2 Important Practices

When it comes to holistic strategies for supporting mental health challenges, grounding and mindfulness stand out for their unique and differing approaches. Our Grounding vs Mindfulness blog post aims to be a comprehensive guide exploring these two practices, detailing their pros and cons, types of strategies you can use, and reputable programmes associated with each practice.

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mindfulness programmes for employees

Mindfulness Programmes for Employees: “200% ROI” Improved Wellbeing & Productivity

In the modern world of work, now both office-based and at home, stress and burnout are becoming increasingly prevalent concerns. Amidst this backdrop, mindfulness programmes for employees have emerged as vital tools for enhancing employee wellbeing and productivity. This article explores the multifaceted benefits of mindfulness programmes for employees, providing a comprehensive understanding of their significance in today’s work environment.

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is mindfulness spiritual, crystals, sage

Is Mindfulness Spiritual? Exploring Its Secular and Sacred Origins

Mindfulness is a versatile and increasingly popular wellbeing approach. Many people who first encounter mindfulness may notice similarities to spiritual practices like prayer, or reflection. We delve into the origins of mindfulness, explore its foundations and why it may feel like there is an ethereal dimension to the practice. So, is mindfulness spiritual?

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mindfulness in hinduism, hindu monk

Mindfulness in Hinduism: Oldest Meditative Practices in the World

Hinduism, considered the oldest religion in the world by numerous scholars, has a rich history and traditions that span over 4,000 years. Mindfulness in Hinduism, embodied in the practice of ‘Dhyana,’ represents a profound meditation tradition that goes beyond mere technique. This aspect of mindfulness in Hinduism is a philosophical journey, deeply ingrained in the understanding of the mind, aiming to achieve a state of inner peace and clarity.

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origins of mindfulness, three globes

ORIGINS OF MINDFULNESS Meditation: Ultimate Guide to 6 Unique Ancient Sources

Mindfulness meditation, a practice deeply rooted in the history of human civilisation, transcends geographical boundaries and religious contexts. Cultivating awareness and presence, has been a cornerstone in cultures and religions worldwide. In this article we delve into the rich and diverse origins of mindfulness, revealing how it has shaped and been shaped by different traditions across the globe.

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holotropic breathwork tutorial

HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK Tutorial: Power of Breath Grounded in Science

In a world filled with stress and constant distractions, finding a peaceful moment is often challenging. Holotropic Breathwork, a holistic practice that blends breathing techniques with music and meditation, offers a unique path to tranquility and self-discovery. This blog post will guide you through a Holotropic Breathwork tutorial, linking it to the discipline of mindfulness-based practices, and showing you how to integrate it into your daily life.

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