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Picture of John-Paul Kozah

John-Paul Kozah

Founder and Contributor

John-Paul has been committed to working with and supporting the most vulnerable members of society his whole career. Combining experience in the mental health sector and education, his aim has been to raise awareness about the impact of stress, anxiety and depression in modern life and explore the ways that mindfulness can help.

John-Paul is a trained advocate, qualified teacher and has a particular interest in supporting open dialogue about mental health within minoritised ethnic groups.


Mindfulness works. 

Research shows it can drastically change lives.

Demystifying mindfulness and bridging together the powerful practice in all its forms, drawing on a global heritage, Benefits of Mindfulness aims to widen accessibility and provide a reliable hub of information.

We do this through:

🌱 Simple Guides
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🌱 Mindfulness Talks


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