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HOW TO SLEEP BETTER with Mindfulness Meditation

Do you feel reasonably well rested during the day? Can you stay awake through the day without falling asleep? Do you generally sleep through the night without any disturbances? Or if you wake, do you fall back sleep easily? If you struggle with your sleep, turning to products and pills rarely achieves the outcome you are looking for. Below is an overview of how to sleep better with mindfulness meditation, including improvements to quality and length of sleep.

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4 Easy Steps to CONQUER HABITS with Urge Surfing

Everybody get urges or cravings, and often they are for habits we know are not good for us and we would rather not do. Urges can be hard to ignore. Urge Surfing is a technique that can help you ‘ride the wave’ of powerful urges for bad habits, and empower you to choose better options in your life.

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Unsure About Mindfulness and RELIGION?

When discussing mindfulness practices with those who are unfamiliar with them, you can usually expect to receive one of the following three reactions when broaching the topic of mindfulness and religion…

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INTRODUCING Benefits of Mindfulness

What if you could be granted the ability to tune out thought? Completely. All forms of mind-based stories; planning the future, reliving the past. Mulling over decisions, weighing up your options. Let me tell you a little secret about the benefits of mindfulness…

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