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urge surfing and anxiety

Urge Surfing and Anxiety: 5-MINUTE READ

Anxiety can feel like a relentless wave, crashing over us with overwhelming thoughts and feelings. But what if we could learn to ride these waves instead of being swept away by them? In this blog post, we’ll explore urge surfing and anxiety, how the technique can help mitigate against anxiety, providing a practical and empowering approach to mental wellbeing.

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Druze mindfulness; three Druze Men

Druze Mindfulness: Explore the Secret Culture, History, and Practices of the Druze

Druze communities, are a unique and often overlooked group in the Near East, presents a fascinating blend of culture, history, and spiritual practices. Central to their way of life is a form of Druze mindfulness, deeply rooted in their traditions and daily rituals. This article explores the formation of Druze culture, its regional influences, and how mindfulness manifests across different Druze groups.

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mindfulness and creativity

Mindfulness and CREATIVITY: Unlock Inspiration Through Meditation Practice

Are you facing creative blocks that hinder your ability to think outside the box? Are creative blocks hindering your ability to think innovatively? Mindfulness meditation could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Much like its role in achieving restful sleep, mindfulness has the power to unlock creative potential, allowing you to navigate daily challenges with a clearer, more innovative mind. Creativity can be stifled by the chaos in our minds. If you’re wrestling with a restless mind, mindfulness meditation may be the key to unleashing your creative potential.

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arab man in desert, campfire, mindfulness in islam

The Rich History of Mindfulness in Islam

Mindfulness, a practice often associated with Eastern traditions, has deep roots in various cultures and religions, including Islam. This blog post explores the origins of mindfulness in Islam, focusing on its historical formation, cultural influences, and how it manifests in different Islamic denominations. Learn more about the Islamic perspective on mindfulness.

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How-To: Daily Mindfulness Practice

Building a regular mindfulness practice is the same as building any other habit. We all know that the trick to learning to do something is to do it regularly – “little and often” is the short motto which comes to mind. However, often with mindfulness and meditation I hear people say that day 1 was easy, day 2 not too bad, but then the intention trailed off and the practice disappeared. Why is this?

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a man and a woman doing yoga; breathwork

The Powerful Effects of Breathwork

Breathwork has become increasingly popular in recent years as a holistic approach to improving overall health and wellness. One area where breathwork has shown promising results is in the treatment of anxiety. How often does someone try to help reduce anxiety by telling us to “breathe”? In this article, we will explore the science-backed links between breathwork and anxiety.

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how to make essential oils, brown bottle of essential oil


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, most notably by the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, Near Eastern communities like the Phoenicians and populations all around Asia. There is reason for it too. Essential oils are versatile and infinitely useful. In this article, we will explore how to make essentials oils work best for mindfulness practice and take some guidance from both history and modern science.

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Benefits of Mindfulness: 8 Science-Backed Results

Below is a science-backed list of 8 benefits of mindfulness practice gathered from reputable sources. There is so much discussion around the benefits of mindfulness today, and it can be hard to determine the facts, from fantasy…

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