Mindfulness Session in London Delivered at Marylebone Music Festival

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Our Benefits of Mindfulness session in London was delivered at the Marylebone Music Festival this year. Discover how these sessions can support wellbeing and wonderful local charities like The Marylebone Project. Learn more about our mindfulness practices from this session and find out how to book your own.

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I had the privilege of leading a mindfulness session in London at the Marylebone Music Festival this past weekend. This event provided a wonderful platform to introduce mindfulness to both beginners and advanced practitioners. The session was free, making it accessible to everyone. The festival itself supported The Marylebone Project, a local charity dedicated to helping the homeless women of Westminster.

Mindfulness Session in London

Our Benefits of Mindfulness session in London, offered a welcome pause from the hectic pace of city life, allowing individuals to feel centred, grounded, and present to kick off the day. At the Marylebone Music Festival, attendees had the chance to experience these benefits firsthand, in the beautiful surroundings of the Manchester Square garden.

Marylebone Music Festival, 2024

Engaging the Community Through Mindfulness

The session at the festival was designed to be inclusive. Whether attendees were new to mindfulness or had been practising for years, the activities were accessible and beneficial. This inclusivity helps foster a sense of community and encourages broader engagement with mindfulness practices. I was humbled by the feedback received from participants and our group was so kind, supportive and engaged throughout the session.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment – it involves paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings without judgement. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance emotional regulation with regular practice. You can find more detailed information about mindfulness and how to get started on our Get Started page.

Structure of the Mindfulness Session

During the session, we began with a brief introduction to mindfulness. This included an explanation of its benefits and some scientific backing from reputable sources like those found in the blog post Benefits of Mindfulness: 8 Science-Backed Results. Participants then engaged in several mindfulness exercises:

  1. Breathing Exercises: We started with simple breathing exercises to help participants focus on their breath and centre their minds. We practiced a 3-Part Breathing Space exercise.
  2. Raisin Exercise: A short guided practice focused on the 5 senses and applying them to a raisin, a way of demonstrating how much data and information we ignore when living our lived in autopilot.
  3. Practical Mindful Exercise: I like to incorporate some practical exercises that are shorter in nature but help participants to think about how to implement mindfulness in everyday life at work and home.

Encouraging Festival Engagement

The Marylebone Music Festival was not just about music; it was about community and support for a good cause. By offering the mindfulness session for free, we encouraged more people to attend the festival and participate in its activities. This helped raise awareness and funds for The Marylebone Project, which provides vital services to women experiencing homelessness in the area.

Continuing Your Mindfulness Journey

If you attended the session or are interested in joining a future one, check out our Talks page and there are many resources available to help you elsewhere on the site in the meantime. Our blog offers articles on various mindfulness practices and tips on how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. You can also find local mindfulness groups and classes in London to join and check us out on Instagram:

Mindfulness Session in London Takeaways

Leading a mindfulness session in London at the Marylebone Music Festival was such a rewarding experience and it not only allowed participants (including me) to take a break from their busy lives and experience the calming impact of mindfulness but also taught me a lot about what practices and sections were most engaging, so that I can continue to perfect these for future talks. Most importantly too, the session not only benefited the attendees but also supported a worthy cause, by way of The Marylebone Project and the Marylebone Music festival, so a win-win-win.

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness or booking a session in London or introductory talk for your organisation, either contact us directly here or fill in this form. Also, feel free to explore our website for more information. Mindfulness is a journey, and every step you take brings you closer to a more centred and peaceful life.

Picture of John-Paul Kozah

John-Paul Kozah

John-Paul is the Founder of Benefits of Mindfulness and has been committed to working with and supporting the most vulnerable members of society throughout his career. Combining experience in the mental health sector and education, his aim has been to raise awareness about the impact of stress, anxiety and depression in modern life and explore the ways that mindfulness can help. John-Paul is a trained advocate, qualified teacher and has a particular interest in supporting open dialogue about mental health within minoritised ethnic groups.

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