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Somadome at Re Place London, Somadome Exterior in Room

Quiet in the City: Somadome at Re Place in London

Somadome is part of a movement within the wellbeing space, of fusion between new experimental, innovative, immersive, mindfulness meditation modalities. Bringing together the ancient with the contemporary, we provide a firsthand look at the Somadome at Re Place in Notting Hill, London, its features, the research, our user experience and overall impressions.

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mindfulness now, mindfulness teacher training

Mindfulness Now and its Power to Effectively Transform Your Mindfulness Practice

Here is a detailed review of the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training, a recognised and accredited course in mindfulness-based approaches, operating across the United Kingdom. Founded by Nick Cooke, a leading in the field of mindfulness teaching, Mindfulness Now is grounded in evidence-based practices and offers a combination of well-researched approaches to mindfulness teaching, delivered in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.

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mindfulness poems

Mindfulness Poems: Beauty and Stillness

Discover Mindfulness Poems: a mix of classic and new verses focused on living in the moment. This evolving collection offers insights and peace through the simplicity of poetry.

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mindfulness and creativity

Mindfulness and CREATIVITY: Unlock Inspiration Through Meditation Practice

Are you facing creative blocks that hinder your ability to think outside the box? Are creative blocks hindering your ability to think innovatively? Mindfulness meditation could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Much like its role in achieving restful sleep, mindfulness has the power to unlock creative potential, allowing you to navigate daily challenges with a clearer, more innovative mind. Creativity can be stifled by the chaos in our minds. If you’re wrestling with a restless mind, mindfulness meditation may be the key to unleashing your creative potential.

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